When considering the home's environment, there are many aspects to this subject including economical fuel and power usage, cleanliness, hygiene, order and generally creating a comfortable and safe living space that should not cost any more than it has to. Under this banner I have broken the several sub-topics down onto their own individual, detailed articles to provide a better insight into what makes a good home situation on all fronts.

This is quite a large subject but one that is important. By way of an overview to what's contained in those articles, let's look at some of the issues facing most homeowners and see how they can best be dealt with.

Energy Conservation

low energy light bulbOne of the aspects to smooth and stress-free home running is the reassuring knowledge that the energy your household uses is within sensible limits that provide for all of your needs without any wastage. This subject can be cause for many an argument amongst family members in many households due to differences in people's opinion of what constitutes sound economical practices and mindless waste!

Children are often the most wasteful of energy without realizing it and this is something that eventually becomes corrected through repeated admonishment and education.

"Turn Out the Light"

This is a stock phrase heard by a parent after a child leaves a room that remains as brightly lit as it was when they were occupying it. This is not meant to be a grumpy rant that often elicits a sullen retort from youngsters but is actually a sound common sense observation highlighting the fact that a light bulb uses electricity and if no one needs it to be turned on (as in the case of a vacant room), it's just wasting that valuable resource.

Happily these days, modern LED and low wattage CFL light bulbs only use a fraction of the power that their incandescent predecessors used, but waste, no matter how small is still waste! What is considerably more wasteful of electricity is using appliances and especially heaters in ways that waste power.

High Wattage Appliances

Conserving energy is a sensible practice since power costs are constantly rising and overuse leads to more pollution and damage to the environment in general. A good example of waste versus conservation is in the use of an electric kettle used to boil water for making hot beverages.

Old style kettles had an exposed heating element inside at the bottom of the water heating chamber which needed to be covered with water to prevent damage. This bred a mindset of needing to fill the kettle with far more water than was needed to actually make the cup or cups of said hot beverage such as tea or instant coffee.

Modern kettles do not have an exposed heating element. It is concealed beneath the base if the heating chamber, making it possible and desirable to heat exactly one cup of water if necessary without any damage to the appliance. That means to heat more than one cup (if one cup is all you need) is wasting electricity to heat the surplus water!

Cleanliness and Hygiene

tidy kitchenAnother important area that dictates the nature of the home environment is how clean and hygienic it is. This is something most families tend to stay on top of, as a clean and tidy home is much more welcoming to come home to after a hard day's work than a messy, dirty one.

Hygiene is generally maintained at a good level as a by-product of daily cleaning and tidying. This is mainly because harmful germs are kept to a minimum by simple keeping things clean.

A clean home also tends to benefit form a cleaner atmosphere as regular vacuuming keeps dust levels down. A good quality vacuum cleaner fitted with a heap filter does a very good job of reducing the level of airborne particulates that can cause breathing problems.

A tidy, clean and orderly home where energy is used conservatively and waste is kept to a minimum is also a happy home where there are fewer reasons for its occupants to argue over. This leads to a calmer, relaxed and happy lifestyle for folks that want it and aim for it by using simple common sense and practical awareness.


is a list of the current articles covering the above mentioned several aspects of a home's environmental issues:

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