What if I told you that maintaining a comfortable climate inside your home could be achieved cheaper than at present? Heating and cooling economically is what this site is all about and inside here you'll find some great ideas that you can put into practice that will save you money on your energy bills!

enjoy a comfortable homeWe all want to live in comfort but not pay so much for the privilege, right? Well, with a little fore-knowledge, planning and strategy you actually can whether you live in a large house, medium size condo or a small apartment in the city, small town or out in the country.

Applying Yourself

A big part of being able to have all your creature comforts for a lot less than you're probably paying for them right now is in knowing what to do and then doing it. You won't get anything for just reading about it and then sating to yourself, "That's a great idea, I'll do that later..."

You and I both know that "later" never seems to come and so many great ideas are left on a back burner that's never going to see the light of day!

Taking action is the way to see the results you know you can get from putting the things you know you need to do into the "things to do today" list and then doing them today!

This site can help you a lot of the way, but the only thing it can't do is pry you away from the laptop, tablet or whatever it is you're reading this on and heading for your toolbox. That's your job, so you need to make up your mind if you're going to do any of this stuff or not.

How to Save Money on Energy Bills

weather proof your homeOK, first of all this is the introductory welcome page of the site so I'm not going to start heading into details on this page. You're going to have to dig a little deeper into the articles published on here, which you'll find listed at the foot of this page. What I can do is give you an overview of some of the ways in which you really can save some money on heating and cooling during the winter or summer as needs be.

The first place to get started is to get up off your chair and take a walk around your place. What you're looking for is any of the ways the air from outside is getting inside.

By that, I mean small gaps in window frames, door frames or other openings where a draft might be sneaking in. The first place you can make sometimes dramatic savings is in simply plugging the holes around your home!

Why is this so important?

Well, if its winter and freezing cold air is getting inside, it's displacing warm air that you're paying for and cooling it down, forcing your heater to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. The extra load on the heating system can be felt in the extra dollars you're going to be charged at the end of your billing cycle!

Same goes for summer, when there's more hot air outside than you want to contend with. If it's getting in and you're running air conditioning, the AC is working harder to keep you cool and costing you more money you didn't even know about!

When you plug the gaps, cold air can't get in so easily in winter so your heater needs less fuel to keep you warm, costing you less. In summer, same thing with your HVAC system not needing to work so hard to keep you cool if the hot air outside is kept outside!

Changing your Appliances

modern fridges use less powerThis may not apply to everyone, but depending on where you live if you get hot, dry summer air all summer, you can save a lot of money on running costs by swapping your AC for an evaporative cooling system. You can cut your energy bills by more than half through summer by doing this and you'll still enjoy a cool indoor temperature even in the hottest weather.

You might want to read my article on evaporative coolers to see why.

Likewise during winter if you're paying a small fortune for electric heating, it would be worth your while investigating the costs involved in switching to natural gas. If you live in a rural area where firewood is plentiful and cheap, you could be better off with a wood burning furnace to heat your home and save money on fuel costs.

Of course a lot depends on the size of the home you live in as well as how economically insulated it happens to be. Logic dictates that a large dwellings will naturally cost you more to heat and cool as the internal air volume is very large. A Compact Habitat, on the other hand will naurally cost less to manage the internal temperature and climate since the volume of air is considerably less!

There are other ways to save money on energy bills too, such as looking at the way you illuminate your home.

Lightening the Lighting

If you're still using 100 watt incandescent light bulbs around your home, you really got to change them all for modern LED bulbs that use around 1/20th the electricity to produce a comparable amount of light where you need it. Change just 11 bulbs and you are saving one whole kilowatt of juice every minute those lights are turned on!

Same goes for outside. If you're using older halogen lamps or spotlights, you can now get LED equivalents that use so much less power you'll be shocked when you compare energy bills after 3 months!

Switchin' the Kitchen

save money in the kitchen by hand mixingNow take a look around the kitchen at the appliances you're using. What about that big old fridge in the corner? How much power do you think it's using? Do a little investigation and check it against a new low energy rated model and see how much you can save.

Do you cook with electricity? In some areas, its cheaper to cook with natural gas, so check out that option and see what it can save you to switch.

Look around the small appliances and consider if you even need some of them. As an example, I got rid of my electric carving knife because I found I could do just as good a job with a regular carving knife and it didn't waste any electricity in the process!

Often when I'm chopping and mixing ingredients, I don't even bother getting the food processor out of its cupboard. I do it all by hand and get a really good mixture for the cost of a few minutes extra work with my chopping knife and a bowl and wooden spoon!

There are so many ways to save money and still enjoy all the things you like to enjoy about your home. No sacrifices are necessary and in fact, some of the changes you make will be more satisfying than you could imagine!

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